Chrisy and I have been planning our St Cuthbert’s Way hike for the past year and so I have been trying to walk regularly in order to be prepared.


This has meant I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy Wortley Village and my local parks and city more than I would have otherwise. Receiving a Fitbit for Christmas certainly assisted with the motivation through the winter months, especially on those mornings when I needed to squeeze in a walk before teaching. Nonetheless, it has been lovely watching the seasons progress.

It is especially nice to see Spring arriving and I’ve been particularly enjoying the blossom trees in our front yard.  We planted the Redbud only a couple of years ago, but as a natural northern tree it seems blissfully happy and shooting up vigorously. The magnolia does not seem to be as thrilled with its location but has about 1200 % more blooms than it did last year, when it only had one. Gardening certainly promotes patience.

I’ll be setting off to England tomorrow with two MSW students who are joining me for a week of seminars about Narrative Therapy and Critical Reflection of Practice with Jan Fook at Leeds Trinity and then with a consortium of critically reflective social workers, including Jan, and Anna Gupta from Royal Holloway, at the University of London.

IMG_0059 (002)

From left to right: Tonya, Nate and me.


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