Who would have expected we would need sunscreen?!

Even the sheep were sheltering in the shadow of the stone wall as we were leaving Kirk Yetholm this morning . . . We had a touch of sun burn from yesterday so we asked our lovely B&B hostess at Mill House if she had any sunscreen. Thankfully she had a container with a little left in it which she gave us so we were able to reapply often.

Much of the day was up in the hills again with St. Cuthbert’s Way following part of the high Pennine Way. Many pauses again as we manoeuvred our way up the hills in the heat. Who knew it could be so hot and sunny in Scotland and England in May?! We brought hats, mitts, and rain gear with us, but no sunscreen.


We seemed to be looking our most bedragled by the time we were at the Scottish English Border, but Chrisy convinced me this was worth a photo. It was certainly barren and deserted up there but absolutely wonderful also.

I had been partly hoping that I could have recreated my lunch time picnic experience from yesterday again today, but it was far too hot out in the sun on the hills, so rather guilty we walked purposefully towards a a little gathering of sheep under a bush by a stream who then scuttled away and so we were able to sit in the shade briefly for our lunch. The area wasn’t quite conducive for stretching out for a rest, so we carried on knowing we were going to be arriving at our B&B far earlier than we had arranged. We wondered whether we should just find another shady spot to wait, but then thought we would risk knocking at the door and asking if we could at least sit in a shady spot in their garden. Lo and behold, our rooms were ready and we were able to come in out of the heat.


A shower, clean clothes, promise of a glass of wine and a home cooked meal, with  a friendly dog . . . a nice end to a hot walk in the hills, followed by fascinating dinner conversations. But fellow travellers/pilgrims we’ve met and the ensuing conversations may just need to wait for another blog post.


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